California Dreaming

I had such a great time this past week in Los Angeles. While I was there, I had the privilege of seeing two of the three Jonas Brothers concerts at the Pantages in Hollywood, which were so much fun! I also had the absolute pleasure of getting to meet Nick, Kevin, and Joe once again. They really know how to put on an incredible show, and all three of them are such nice guys. I will definitely be catching some more of their shows whenever they embark on a full-fledged tour. 

Also, Mom and I stayed in one of the coolest hotels I have ever seen. If you're ever in need of a very cool place to stay in Hollywood, the Redbury is a must. Our room was more like a little apartment than a hotel room. Plus, the decor throughout the place was spot-on. Whoever the interior designer of this place was, really knew what he or she was doing. And to top it off, it's in walking distance of some of the best sushi in the world at Katsuya, which I may or may not have indulged in more than once. Haha!  On our last day, we made our way to see the iconic Chinese Theatre, which was really cool. Overall, it was such an incredible week. Thanks, LA, for treating me so well during my first time in the city. 
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  1. Looks like so much fun! Your outfits and photos are great.

  2. I know you are having an awesome time, esp since you got to meet the Jonas Brothers. I didn't even know they were still having concerts. Love your outfits :)

  3. you coudn't look any more perfect.


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