(Overalls: Free People / Top: Free People - Similar: here / Necklace: Perch Jewelry Studio / Shoes - Similar: here or here / Stole: Club Monaco - Similar: here / Watch: Fossil)

So... I have pink hair now. It was time for a change, and it being a spontaneous one just made it that much more fun. I was having dinner with Anna and Ashley recently, and somehow the topic of pink hair came up and so we rushed off, picked up some dye, and colored it that night in my apartment. I just might keep it around for a while.


The weekend is upon us, and for most of us, so is the snow. Read a book, enjoy moments with family or friends, watch your favorite film, paint, pet your dog; whatever defines downtime to you, do that. Let your mind relax and breathe in the simple beauties of life. 

True Blue

(Photos by Ashley Kickliter)

(Jacket: Zara - Similar herehere, here or here / Jeans: Zara - Similar here or here / Shirt: Asos - Similar here or here / Boots: Free People / Scarf: Vintage - Similar here / Hat: Stetson - Similar here / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Lipstick: Smashbox)

First off, I love denim. Better yet, I love double denim. It's such a casual, laid back fabric, but somehow doubling it up transforms it into a much more daring statement. For so long it seemed wearing more than one piece of denim was frowned upon, but I've never shared those sentiments. With that being said, however, I do believe there is absolutely a right and a wrong way to wear multiple pieces of denim. From my own experience and from what I have observed on others, my takeaways are this: either wear pieces that are exactly the same color or wear those that contrast so hard, that there is no question that you're purposely clashing. The biggest mistake in doubling up denim, in my opinion, is wearing pieces that are extremely close in hue, but are not actually the same color.

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