Farewell Little Blue Bug

(Jacket: Lykke Wullf / T-Shirt: Brandy Melville - Similar: here / Shorts: Vintage Levi's - Similar: here / Loafers: Zara - Similar: here or here / Hat: Vintage - Similar: here / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban)

Sadly, the era of my little blue bug has come to a close. I know it might seem trivial to become sentimental over a car, and it probably is, but the memories I have collected during these last seven years of driving it are some I will forever hold tightly. I turned sixteen in this car, drove countless miles back and forth to college in this car, and relished endless late night cruises through town with Anna listening to Taylor Swift in this car. There is something nostalgic about one's first car and the times enjoyed in it, and my little blue bug was every bit that. 

Two Days in New Orleans

On a whim, my friend, Chandler, and I took off to New Orleans for one last adventure together before he took off for new ones in Portland. We danced our hearts out to some top-notch jazz, walked for what seemed like hours admiring the architecture, ate sinfully delicious beignets (pro tip: avoid powdered sugar while wearing black pants), and climbed in a tree with more years to its name than our country. The city opened its arms to us and allowed us to thrive and feed ourselves with its energy. A quick two days it was, but what memories they gave. 

Kimono & Clogs

(Kimono: Vintage / Blouse: H&M / Overalls: Think Closet / Clogs: Vintage / Bag: Vintage / Sunglasses: See Eyewear / Watch: Fossil)

There's something in the silhouette of a kimono that just keeps me coming back for more. The fluidity of the shape gives a nonchalant ease that I constantly crave. Not to mention, for layering junkies like myself, this piece allows you to keep up your old habits of wearing multiple pieces at a time, while still keeping it easy, breezy, and cool for summer (all good things!). I paired it with my favorite black overalls, a Victorian high collar blouse, and some orangey-brown clogs for a contrast of color. Speaking of summer dressing, I've recently realized clogs are the perfect substitute for ankle boots for these scorching days upon us. They wrap around your ankle and still look great with cropped pants, but conveniently also allow your feet to stay cool. Praise! This is where style and climate must find a middle ground, and these clogs seem to be just that. 
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