(Jacket: Lykke Wullf - Similar: here / Jeans: Re/Done - Similar: here / Vest: Starstruck Vintage - Similar: here or here / Shirt: Lenni the Label - Similar: here or here / Boots: Steve Madden - Similar: here / Bag: The Vintage Twin - Similar: here or here / Belt: Starstruck Vintage - Similar: here  / Sunglasses: here / Bracelet: Vintage - Similar: here or here / Earrings: Vintage - Similar: here)

When I was in New York this past Spring I became very well acquainted with Chinatown, where I was living. Throughout my time there, it was really cool to be able to explore the neighborhood more, since I hadn't really taken advantage of it on my previous stays in the city. The extent of variety from neighborhood to neighborhood in New York, and the unique feeling and experience each of them brings is so exhilarating. The amount of diversity and culture packed into this one little island is what makes it so incredibly special.

These were snapped quickly outside my apartment on the way to brunch one weekend. I know what you're thinking, I know what I'm thinking, an all white look in New York City is one bold move, but luckily no cabs ran through gross puddles and splashed me curbside à la Mary-Kate in New York Minute. A lucky break, if you will.

Anyway, about what I'm wearing... I have always considered white jeans as a no-go for me. But lo and behold, I just hadn't found the right pair. After lucking up on these high-waisted, wide leg pair from Re/Done during their holiday sale last winter, I am now a believer in the white jean. The stiff Levi's denim really helps them hold their shape, too, which thankfully doesn't make you feel like you just squeezed yourself in a bright white sausage casing. A look I don't find myself particularly fond of, and the sole source of my resistance to white jeans for so long. Anyway, this is the story of how we went from foe to friend. Thanks for listening. 

Berets Forever

(Jumpsuit: Free People -  Similar: here or here / Denim Jacket: Gap / Beret: Urban Outfitters - Similar: here / Belt: Lucky Brand / Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo)

Just here to shout out my favorite accessory, the beret. Thanks for making me feel more interesting than I am. 

(35mm film taken by Ashley Kickliter)

Nolita in Pink

(Coat: Topshop - Similar: here / T-Shirt: Ritual Vintage - Similar: here or here / Jeans: Noirohio - Similar: here or here / Cardigan: Reformation - Similar: here / Shoes: Dr. Martens / Socks: Free People / Sunglasses: See Eyewear - Similar: here / Bag: The Vintage Twin - Similar: here or here / All Makeup: Glossier)

These were taken during my recent stay in New York, while I was in the city interning. I had the day off work and spent all of it walking around my next door neighborhood of Nolita. While I was in New York, I picked up these great Dr. Martens because no matter how many comfortable shoes you think you brought to New York, you quickly realize this city has a way of hurting your feet in ways you never imagined possible, and turning your favorite shoes against you. All of that to say, these have been New York tried, tested, and approved, and now have become my go-to pair even after leaving the city (I'm actually wearing them right now while typing this, no joke). I've been loving these shoes so much that I forced my cousin to get them before traveling to Europe. She's currently sending me pictures of her gallivanting the streets of Paris in them. So, it's fair to say they are now also Paris tested and approved. Find this exact pair linked above or shown below in the scrolling bar, along with how recreate the rest of this look.

Talladega in Velvet

(Coat: Vintage - Similar: here or here / Top: Vintage Wrangler via Zoe's Vintage - Similar: here / Jeans: Vintage Levi's via Hip Zipper Vintage - Similar: here or here / Boots: Lucky Brand  - Similar: here / Scarf: American Eagle - Similar: here / Bag: Zoe's Vintage - Similar: here / Beret: Urban Outfitters - Similar: here / Sunglasses: Vintage via Lisa Says Gah - Similar: here)

My friends and I have lately formed the habit of roaming around tiny towns in Alabama to see what treasures they are hiding. We recently stopped in on Talladega, took a stroll 'round the town square, watched a movie in the old theatre, and snapped these pictures. Even though I am from one of the smallest towns on this great Earth, there's still something incredibly charming about stepping into small town you have never visited before. Stay tuned for more Alabama adventures to come. In the meantime, follow along on my Instagram

(Shot on 35mm film by Ashley Kickliter)

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