Halloween 2016, thanks for making my dream of becoming Iris Apfel finally come true. And as always, thanks for being the most fun holiday of the year. 

Fall Feeling

(Dress: Free People / Jeans: Vintage LEI / Clogs: Target / Bag: Beara Beara / Beret: Vintage / Scarf: American Eagle / Sunglasses: Free People / Watch: Fossil)

Guess what, it's my favorite season! And though it's not nearly as cool as I would hope it to be just yet, the thought that cooler weather is near is beyond exciting to me. 

Cooler weather means more layers, more clothes, more yes. I've always liked the look of a dress paired over longer pants, in this case, jeans. I used to wear this look a lot more than I do today, especially in the days pre-blog, and when I threw these two pieces on together, I was reminded how much I liked it. Also, I'm just really massive fan of this dress, considering this is my second color in it. And so, the more reasons and ways I can find to wear it, the better. 

Velvet & Embroidered

(Coat: MM-Vintage / Jeans: Levi's / Boots: Free People)

And that's all it took, I'm completely set for fall after running up on this dreamy coat. Really though, what are the chances that one piece could literally combine all of my favorite elements into one? The length, the embroidery, the deeply rich, black velvet... It's almost all too good to be true. 

White Out

(Jacket: Lykke Wullf / Pants: Lykke Wullf / Shirt: Free People / Hat: Lack of Color / Shoes: Billy Reid - Similar: here or here / Bag: Vintage - Similar: here or here / Lipstick: MAC)

Like I mentioned on my Instagram, I have been waiting and wishing for the perfect white matching set to come along since years ago when I first saw a picture of Bianca Jagger on her wedding day. Actually, the more I think on it, Bianca was, on multiple occasions, the queen of the white suit, also shown here. And if, even for only a second, I could somehow manage to dip into that attitude and style that she possessed back in the day, then it's fair to say that miracles have happened. All that to be said, a few months ago I was wandering through Instagram and stumbled upon Lykke Wullf, a brand designed and made in L.A., and I felt like I hit the jackpot for fulfilling those Bianca dreams the minute I ran up on this white combo. Granted, this is much more casual than those dreamy creamy suits she wore, but we are talking everyday wear, and alas, I am not Bianca Jagger. So yes, I have a new brand obsession. Every cent spent on these pieces is so incredibly worth it, because, hands down, I have never had a pair of pants fit me as well as these do. And they're white! Which in terms of pants does not always mean the most flattering, but these have converted me. I'm not kidding when I say these pieces are quality, you guys, really and truly. 

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