Talladega in Velvet

(Coat: Vintage - Similar: here or here / Top: Vintage Wrangler via Zoe's Vintage - Similar: here / Jeans: Vintage Levi's via Hip Zipper Vintage - Similar: here or here / Boots: Lucky Brand  - Similar: here / Scarf: American Eagle - Similar: here / Bag: Zoe's Vintage - Similar: here / Beret: Urban Outfitters - Similar: here / Sunglasses: Vintage via Lisa Says Gah - Similar: here)

My friends and I have lately formed the habit of roaming around tiny towns in Alabama to see what treasures they are hiding. We recently stopped in on Talladega, took a stroll 'round the town square, watched a movie in the old theatre, and snapped these pictures. Even though I am from one of the smallest towns on this great Earth, there's still something incredibly charming about stepping into small town you have never visited before. Stay tuned for more Alabama adventures to come. In the meantime, follow along on my Instagram

(Shot on 35mm film by Ashley Kickliter)


(Coat: Shrimps - Similar: herehere, or here / Jeans: Levi's - Similar: here / Top: Zara - Similar: here / Belt: Free People - Similar: here / Socks - Similar: here / Sunglasses: Vintage - Similar: here / Middle Ring: Labradorite Magic)

My obsession with the UK based brand Shrimps has been long running. And so, during an end of the season sale last winter, I was finally able to get in on the multi-colored faux fur action. But the thing about end of the season sales is you likely have to wait the duration of the whole next year to wear those treasures scored, which is exactly what happened with this beauty. So here you have me lying in my long awaited coat and sock feet in Kenslie's living room during one of our many weekends in Birmingham. 

(Shot on 35mm film by Ashley Kickliter)

Blending In

(Coat: Zara - Similar: here or here / Sweater: Madewell / Jeans: Zara - Similar: here / Belt: Free People / Bag: Vintage - Similar: here / Necklaces: Vintage - Similar: here

This is one of those rare moments when you show up completely coordinating with your surroundings, and your photographer friend is coincidentally there to capture it. I'm wearing my new favorite bell sleeve turtle neck from Madewell, which I may or may not have purchased in all three colors... Treat yoself, you know what I mean? And as if it's not amazing on its own, it's now on sale.

(Shot on 35mm film by Ashley Kickliter)


As this next week marks my first big adventure of the coming year, I felt it was time to properly reflect on 2016 (better late than never, right?). I'm not going to lie, this past year was a weird one for me filled with a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and Netflix, but looking back, it was also filled with so many incredible moments and lessons. I guess 2016 was also a big year of friendship for me. Although my friends and I all live in separate cities at this point, that also pushed us to make much more of an effort to see each other. Not only that, but to see each other with the intention of making the most of every possible moment. With all of the weekends jumping from one state to the other to spend time together, came many pictures, and 2016 was definitely the year I fell in love with film. I've always been drawn to the color tones and nostalgia that 35mm film brings with it, but the perfectionist in me has always been a little hesitant to jump in. Digital can be a safety net, can't it? Well, it can be for me, at least. I guess having carried around a disposable camera throughout my years at Auburn, I kind of became more comfortable with the spontaneity of snapping a picture and not knowing exactly how that shot was going to come out on the other end. So with that being said, I bought my first point and shoot 35mm camera early last year and went to snapping. Not to say I am any kind of photographer, much less a film photographer, but it has been a fun adventure. So for this 2016  post, I threw together some of my favorite shots from last year. All, except for maybe three, taken on film by either me or one of my friends. My friend, Ashley, even started a new Instagram and Tumblr to catalog some of our film moments, and you can follow along with #friendswithfilm. So here's to 2017! I'm hoping it brings answers to the questions 2016 brought forth, so many incredible memories, and far too many pictures.
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