Friday, April 24, 2015

Dusk in the City

(Coat: Topshop - Similar: here / Faux Leather Pants: Asos (On SALE!) / Shirt: Forever 21 / Cropped Leather Shirt: Behind the Glass  - Similar: here / Boots: Acne Studios - Similar: here / Scarf: Gap - Similar: here / Bag: Mulberry / Glasses: Warby Parker / Necklace: Perch Jewelry Studio)

For the full day of seminars at Teen Vogue Fashion U last month in New York City, I paired some loose leather pants with a beige blouse and a cropped pastel pink leather shirt. I kept the colors to a minimum, with mostly pastels, blacks, and just a small pop of color with the scarf, and let the textures take the stage. To finish the look off, I threw on my go-to patent leather boots and topped it off with my fluffy beige coat.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mulberry Lily

As promised in my previous post, here's the beauty that was hidden away in that Mulberry shopping bag - a Lily in oxblood! I've been on the hunt for the perfect small bag for quite sometime now after realizing the bags I already owned had a rather large gap in size. My other bags were either way too big to carry on nights out, or they were way too small to actually fit the essentials - wallet, phone, chapstick, etc. And given the fact that Mulberry has never once let me down, that's obviously where I began (and ended) my search. Once I decided that this was the one, I had initially planned to go for the bag in Mulberry's tried and true oak leather. But immediately after stepping foot in the store and seeing it in oxblood, it was love. I realize I'm slightly obsessed with Mulberry, but hey, with bags this good, how can you blame me?

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Bag Full of Surprises

(Coat: Lucky Brand - Similar: here / Shirt: Andrea Diodati via The Deep End Club / Button Up: Rebecca Taylor - Similar: here / Velvet Pants: Free People - Similar: here / Boots: Marc Jacobs - Similar: here / Bag: Mulberry)

Whoever came up with the the old wise saying, "don't spend it all in one place," obviously had never stepped foot in a Mulberry store, or at least had never seen me step foot in a Mulberry store... My kryptonite. What can I say, I just couldn't resist. Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring what's actually in this bow adorned bag. Oh, the suspense! 

This was a day spent interviewing in the city, so I pulled out some of my favorite pieces (hey, first impressions matter, people). I never doubt this cheetah coat, as it always pulls through for me. The neutral color palette always grounds any brightness in an outfit, while still lending way for elements of texture and print. The shirt is a new acquisition I picked up while visiting The Deep End Club in East Village. The color is just incredible. Actually, come to think of it, it's so good that I'm now craving orange sherbet. Anybody? No? Hmm. Well, anyway, if you haven't already, definitely check out The Deep End Club, it's the absolute coolest. I paired the shirt and coat with a long white button up because firstly, the more layers the better (obviously), and secondly, it gave a nice clean break between the orange of the jacket and the deep green of the velvet pants. And finally, to finish the look off, I threw on a sweet pair of metallic boots I picked up while in New York. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Teen Vogue Fashion University 2015

I recently headed back to New York City for my second go around at Teen Vogue Fashion University (read about my first time at Fashion U here). Having previously attended, I somewhat knew what to expect, but nevertheless, this year's event completely blew away any of my predetermined expectations. It was so nice to run into and catch up with so many familiar faces and to be able to meet so many new ones, all of whom are beyond inspiring. 

As before, the event kicked-off with a party on Friday night at the Express store, this time in Times Square. From mingling with fellow attendees, to running into Teen Vogue friends, to chatting with Luanna of the blog Le Happy, to seeing and hearing Chelsea Leyland DJ in the flesh (#girlcrush), the night was incredibly fun. 

The next morning kicked off the first full day of Fashion U sessions held in Condé Nast's new home base, One World Trade Center. Also, let's talk about that bird's eye view of the city from this building - so stunning! The first seminar I attended was with Brett Heyman, designer of the incredibly gorgeous, vintage inspired Edie Parker clutch bags. It was extremely interesting to hear how a career that began in PR transitioned into her opening her own company and creating the acrylic bags she had always adored from past eras. Next, I heard from Cynthia Sakai of the Vita Fede Jewelry, interviewed by Teen Vogue's Senior Fashion Market and Accessories Editor, Jessica Minkoff. Cynthia gave so much great advice regarding having a clear vision in your set goals, working hard in every aspect, no matter how big or small, and never becoming complacent in order to push toward and, ultimately, achieve that final hoped dream. The following seminar was with designer Rebecca Minkoff and Teen Vogue's Style Features Director, Andrew Bevan, on breaking into this seemingly impenetrable industry, becoming so knowledgable and practiced in your craft that you become an invaluable asset, and how to keep the creative wheel spinning. Her tip on the latter: constantly keeping ideas in your mind that are exciting to you, and knowing the right moment in which to pursue them. Afterwards, I had the great honor of listening to stylist Erin Walsh speak about her journey through the fashion industry, from working under Phyllis Posnick at Vogue to branching off and embarking on a career as a freelance stylist. She provided countless amounts of wisdom and advice, which ranged from being positive and open toward opportunity and knowing that every opportunity you take can serve you in some way, to investing in yourself and who you want to be. She went on to elaborate on the importance of being generous towards others in this industry, which is always incredibly refreshing to hear. Designer Adam Selman led the next seminar, where he went through his different collections and the inspiration behind each of them. The last session on Saturday was given by a panel of Teen Vogue editors and stylist Brandon Maxwell, a.k.a. the man behind Lady Gaga's daring, yet utterly impeccable looks. They all gave such great insight and advice on working in this industry, and shared stories on the incredible experiences they've encountered throughout their careers. Fashion U was wrapped on Sunday with keynote speaker Zac Posen. What an incredible moment it was to hear him talk through his design process. 

Once again, Teen Vogue Fashion University was an experience of a lifetime. The connections made and the wisdom imparted, as a result of this conference, are truly invaluable. I'm so grateful that year after year Teen Vogue opens their doors to both attendees and industry leaders to allow for such an incredible opportunity. There's no way to walk out of this conference without feeling utterly inspired and completely determined to make goals reality. Until next time, Fashion U...