Bluegrass Festival

Yes, indeed, yesterday we surely bluegrassed it up. I honestly can’t say I’m the biggest bluegrass fan in the world, but yesterday’s festivities sure were fun! It was a nice breezy day filled with lots of nice laughs, live music, and some really interesting people. Though I, myself, enjoyed more of the walking around shopping at the neat little booths set up everywhere and talking to the vendors, I can’t say I hated the music. Who knows, I may even being warming up to bluegrass a little bit… Nah, probably not. Haha

My lovely little treasure finds from yesterday. Bought these from the sweetest couple in the world (the lady actually ended up giving me the pair of earrings as a gift) who hand make all of their jewelry. I immediately fell in love with this silver necklace. It’s actually a piece of silverware from the 1920s. How cool is that? Considering the Jazz Age is my favorite era, I thought it was pretty dang cool.
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