Fun In The Sun - Cancun, Mexico

My beautiful mother.

 The night of the pirate ship!
 Some lovely coral earrings that I found.
 The last night.
Hands down the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.
 Inside the Mexican flea market. 
Adiós, Mexico.

What a wonderful birthday present! The trip to Cancun was wonderfully relaxing, and could not have come at any better time. Nothing but poolside sunbathing, being soothed by the glorious sound of the waves crashing, all while sipping on heavenly fresh fruit smoothies. Other that that, one night we had dinner on a... wait for it... yes, a pirate ship! It was so much fun! Not only was it a delicious lobster dinner, but the crew entertained everyone the entire night. From sword fights on the deck to a complete dance party, it was a blast. On our last day there, we even got to squeeze a little shopping in before our flight took off. The flea markets in Mexico are definitely filled with lots of unique goodies. To say Mom and I enjoyed ourselves would definitely be an understatement.
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