Florence + the Machine Concert

Florence + the Machine
Her hair... <3
Inside the beautiful Fox Theatre

(Lace Shawl: Topshop, Tie-Dye Tank: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: American Apparel, Flats: J-Crew)

I do realize this happened long in the past, but to be quite honest, I forgot I had never posted the pictures. I just so happened to be browsing through the images on my computer, and stumbled upon these. I don't exactly remember the date of the concert (which is weird of me, for I usually remember pointless information, such as dates), but oh my goodness, it was amazing! She puts on one of the greatest shows I have yet to see. Also, I find it no coincidence that her album is titled "Lungs", because believe me, that lady has some pipes! I have, for so long, been such a huge fan of Florence Welch and her music (not to mention her style!), and to see her perform live was just the cherry on top.

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