Daisy Buchanan

(Dress: tias.com, Gold Clutch: Vintage)

Happy (late) Halloween!
 I have long been fascinated with everything associated with Roaring '20s culture and the Jazz Age, as a whole. So, this year when it came to my deciding of a costume for Halloween, I couldn't think of anything more perfect than my favorite character of history, the ever iconic 'flapper.' I am also a very big fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald and all of his incredible works. More specifically, I guess you could say Jordan and I went as Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. 

This really was one of the most fun Halloweens ever. From being far too old to trick-or-treat, but doing it anyway, to not being able to sleep at night from pondering over all the scary movies watched. And then there's the CANDY! To me, however, the most fun part (as always) was getting to dress up. :) Can't wait to see what next year's Halloween brings.
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