New Leather Jacket

I recently lucked up and ran up on this beauty. Near where I live, there is a wonderful, wonderful land known as Unclaimed Baggage. In this wonderful land, all the lost luggage of the world is gathered up and the contents are resold at glorious discounts. Though discounted prices are amazing, you don't really get to pick your correct size, you just take what you get. Luckily, I loved this jacket enough that I didn't really care the size. I've been on the lookout for a new leather jacket with more of a motorcycle look to it for a while now. This one is exactly what I've been looking for. Plus, the quilted collar is just the icing on the cake.
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  1. You definitely got yourself a good deal! That jacket is a lucky score. It looks every inch of a fine jacket. It looks cute, in a badass way. I think you can pull the motorcycle chic look with this jacket! [Joel Salmon]


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