Decisions, Decisions...

Sea Green
I have saved up some money, and am treating myself to a gift. Considering, I am a long shot away from having saved enough for my forever longed for very own black Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware (let's just save that for a collage graduation gift, I suppose), I thought a lovely new faux fur coat was next on wishlist... And in my price range. But I am, yet again, stumped. I have found this beautifully funky, textured coat from Topshop, and am not able to decide the color that best suites me. Help! Obviously, the sea green color would better be welcomed by my existing wardrobe and the color palette it holds. However, I love the pink (very odd, considering it is a color I tend not to lean so heavily toward)! It seems to have a different feel than your typical everyday pink, though. Very vintage inspired, rather than Barbie. Either way, I don't think there's any going wrong. Both colors are magnificent, and the coat, itself, is incredible. The over sized buttons and Peter Pan collar are so very cute. I let you know soon on my decision. Goodnight, everyone! Sweet dreams. Xo
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