NYC: Day One

In posting the pictures from my stay in New York, I wasn't exactly sure how to go about it, considering we had quite a long stay, and we took so many pictures. That being said, I've come to think, maybe, the best way to make sense of it all, is to do a post for each of the days Mom and I were there, starting with day one. So, in the next few days, be sure to stay tuned to see how New York treated me. :)

Here are some of the photos from our first day in New York City. Day one was every bit of random. Once arriving in the city, we walked to LIM College, a fashion school that I have been looking into online. We even got lucky and got to tour it, as well as meet with some of the professors. LIM is such a cool school, and definitely still remains as one of my options for college. Later, while walking around the city, Mom and I were randomly pulled into the Tommy Hilfiger store by an employee and asked to take a picture for... Well, honestly, I still really don't have any idea as of what it was actually for. As I mentioned before, completely random day. But hey, maybe that's just typical in the Big Apple. Later that night, Mom and I went to the Broadway show, 'How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.' In every way, I expected the show to be great, but honestly, it completely blew me away, and exceeded every expectation that I may have previously had. The show, itself, was phenomenal, but the cast made it. Nick Jonas, Michael Urie, Stephanie Rothenburg, and Beau Bridges, just to name a few, were fantastic. It was almost as if each of them were made for each of their specific roles. Nick Jonas's performance was absolutely incredible. He had me cracking up laughing the entire night. The show is a must see if you happen to be in New York. Anyway, that's basically the gist of Mom's and my day one in New York. More to come! 
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  1. Lovely photos and outfit! I want to visit New York so badly!

    - Jennifer at x


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