Packed & Ready To Go

Finally, I'm packed! Honestly, I just threw a bunch of random clothes and jewelry together and into a bag. And, as always, I have completely over packed. I have no idea how all of that fit into just one bag.  But, at least, it's over with. Now, I'm going to take full advantage of the two and a half hours I have left to sleep before we leave. Good night, world.
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  1. wow all the prints and patterns look incredible :) have a good time :)

    Mel x

  2. Packing can be difficult, but it looks like you have everything you need. I love all the colors and prints you packed. Have fun!!

  3. Amazing jewelry! Lovely pics!

  4. Found your blog via American Apparel and i am in LOVE. You have the most amazing style ever! Now following:) xx


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