Rainy Days Call for All Black

(Blouse: Forever 21, Skinnies: Bullhead, Sandals: Forever 21, Headband: Topshop, Jewelry: Antique)

Considering it stormed most of what seemed like the entire day (apart from the quick interval of time I was able to snap these picks), I thought an all-black ensemble was a fair guess of an outfit choice. However, I just picked up these amazing, orange, chunky sandals from Forever 21 a few days ago, and couldn't resist wearing them today. 

Rainy weather, like today, is my ultimate favorite, I do believe... Unless, that is, you have to be out in it. I prefer being indoors, where I'm able to enjoy watching the rain fall from out the window, and listen to it hit the rooftop.

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  1. I love your shoes!!


  2. love your shoes and stone bracelet! x


  3. This is gonna seem like a daft question - but I always notice your skin is amazing! :) What do you use?

    By the way the photography and outfits are wonderful mixes of colors and textures. You seem to have a knack for putting things together. ^_^

  4. Those shoes are great! I wish they were at my local F21.
    Love your blog, now following!!

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