I had such an incredible time in Birmingham last night at the UniverSoul Circus with my two best friends, Courtney and Anna. It never fails to become an adventure of some sort when I am with these two, and I absolutely love that. Road-tripping to B'ham was such a fun time. We shared so many laughs, sang so many Spice Girls songs, and drank so much coffee. The circus production, itself, was beyond phenomenal, filled with so many insanely talented acts. And as always, being with Courtney - who knows somebody everywhere she goes - you automatically get VIP perks. Haha! We all got invited backstage and got to meet all of the performers, which was so cool! Also, before this, I had never been this close to an elephant, and now, I can't get over how absolutely stunning these creatures are. They so majestic to behold in person. Overall, it was such a crazy and fun night that I will never forget. 
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