New Hair

Finally, a fresh cut and color! This has been way overdue for far too long. So happy to finally have my hair back in somewhat of a good and manageable shape.
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  1. you'r gorgeous!

  2. You look radiant! Beautiful :)

  3. Your new hairstyle really fits the shape of your face, and the color of your hair made you look more gorgeous. It only proves that certain hairstyles can only be applicable for certain people. Glad you got the one that perfectly suits you.

    Stela Dimitrov

  4. Oh, my goodness! I really love the color of your hair! With that hair color, it revealed your face's details like its shape, which has made you more gorgeous and elegant. I suggest that you cut your hair like a graduated bob. With this hairstyle, it should be shortened at the back part of your hair, but it is extremely layered. It should be a good combination with your hair color. :)

    Lakisha Gelb


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