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Recently, I was given the great privilege of doing an interview with About.com Teen Fashion. I'm truly honored to be given this wonderful opportunity. Thank you, Kimberly, for thinking of me, and the incredibly kind words you had to say about me and my blog! Check out the interview below or by clicking the link. And don't forget to check out teenfashion.about.com!


By Kimberly Lawson
If you haven't already discovered her, I'd like you to meet one of my new favorite fashion bloggers -- Hannah Henderson of Styles by Hannah Riles.  This self proclaimed small town girl keeps her fashion blog updated regularly with her big city, bohemian influenced outfits.  You're sure to be inspired by this  college freshmen's eclectic wardrobe; check out my interview with her below to get an idea of what inspires her and how she manages to find such unique pieces.
Teen Fashion: How would you describe your style?
Hannah Riles: I would describe my style as eclectic, quirky, bohemian and bold, with classic pieces thrown in here and there. It all depends on whatever my mood is when I wake up and get dressed, really.
hannah rilesTF: What are your favorite stores and designers, both practical and aspirational?
HR: I love thrift shopping. It's always a surprise, and I always find the coolest pieces. Other than the many secondhand items thrown into my daily outfits, I love to shop at Free People, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and H&M. Also, I hope to one day add many items from Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Burberry, Alexander Wang, Mulberry, and Isabel Marant to my everyday look, but for now, I'll continue to admire from afar.
TF: You find so many unique pieces -- what do you look for and what tends to catch your eye?
HR: While shopping, I tend to notice quality textures and colors of fabrics.
TF: Fashion wise, what are you doing to prepare for fall?
HR: As fall approaches, I tend to gradually steer towards darker tones and multiple layers to correspond with the brisk weather.
TF: How do you balance having fashion forward style while living in a small town?
HR: Living in a small town, I'm typically forced to gather fashion inspiration elsewhere, such as fashion magazines and other personal style blogs. Though, most people in my community don't necessarily have a love of fashion as I do, they all seem to be very supportive of my interests and goals.
TF: Your room is amazing!  How did you find such eclectic pieces that reflect your own personal style?
HR: I have to give my mom complete and total credit for the d├ęcor of my room. She has such a creative and gifted eye for interior design. Of course, being my mother, she typically knows the styles I lean toward, and has really taken charge in creating a magical haven I happily call my room.
TF: What are your future goals? Do you hope to continue working in the fashion industry?
hannah rilesHR: As I look forward into the days to come, I hold a list of high expectations for myself. I plan to move to New York City in two years to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising Management at FIT. After completing schooling, I plan to pursue a career as a buyer in the fashion industry of NYC.
TF: What is your favorite look you've posted so far on your blog?
HR: As of now, my favorite outfit I've posted on my blog is one I wore while in Brooklyn entitled, 'Streets of Williamsburg.' This being the day after my birthday, my mom had gifted me an antique, bib-type necklace, which is now my most prized piece of jewelry in my collection. Also, I had just purchased my 'Alexa' bag by Mulberry as a personal birthday/graduation gift to myself. This was overall a very special and memorable day, with the outfit making it that much more.
Make sure to check out Hannah's blog, Styles by Hannah Riles,  and also follow her ontwitter and instagram @hannahriles!

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