Vintage Vuitton

Since I bought my Mulberry Alexa bag back in the summer for my birthday, I have become inseparable with it, and have managed to neglect all of my other bags. I have finally decided to give the Alexa a little rest, and switch to another bag of mine that I love. I picked up this vintage beauty earlier this year in New York. The vendor told me that it's probably from the 1970s, at the latest, but most likely even earlier than that. She also explained to me that Louis Vuitton didn't make this design very long, making it a very rare piece. The incredible condition and uniqueness of the bag left me unable to resist. I'm really excited to now start putting it to use. I'm sure you will all be seeing it in upcoming outfit posts. 
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  1. this model vintage is a much better, much fancier than most of the others, newer - in my opinion. Awesome !



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