This past year has definitely been one of my most exciting to date. So many great things have happened over the course of the past twelve months. I've graduated high school, turned eighteen, and started my first year of college. I've also had the privilege of catching up on my absolute favorite activity, traveling. I spent spring break in New York, traveled back to the Big Apple for my birthday in June, vacationed on the shores of the Gulf Coast, frequently road-tripped back and forth from Nashville to see my best friend, Courtney, and just recently got back from Los Angeles. I'm a bit sad to turn the page on this wonderful year, but I'm extremely excited to start the next chapter that 2013 will bring. I have a feeling that this next year will be the best yet. I hope I'm right. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year filled with love, happiness, laughter, and miracles.
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  1. Hi Hannah,
    Your blog is awesome. I like the title,it's catchy :)
    I would love it if you could check out my look book:
    Loads of love,

  2. Looking through your outfits I caught myself thinking that you deserve a lot of respect. You look so stylish and inspiring on all the pics.

  3. It looks like you had a really fantastic year!! I love all your outfits and I hope you don't get offended if I try to use some! Even though I would never look as good as you!!! You are truly amazing.

  4. Amazing year then?! You're hair is beautiful x

  5. Wow your blog is amazing!! I love ALL of your outfits!

  6. Great post! (: I love all the photos. Sounds like 2012 treated you well, and I hope 2013 brings you greater things! ^__^ I'm so glad TeenVogue introduced me to your blog; it is fantastic. You definitely gained a new follower. Happy new year!!


  7. I love your style and saw you in teen vogue! wavylocksfashiontalks.blogspot.com

  8. I saw you in Teen Vogue. Love the blog! :)


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