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Just a small town girl … with big city dreams, fashion lust and style the Olsens would be jealous of.

You know how the song goes. Hannah Riley Henderson may be from the small town of Rainsville, Alabama but that hasn’t stopped her blog, Styles by Hannah Riles, from being noticed by prominent publications and boutiques such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Urban Outfitters, Pinkyotto, and Aoko NY. Forced to think outside the box her whole life, Hannah perfects her dreamy bohemian look with charming thrift pieces, cascading gypsy-inspired skirts and daring statement jewelry. 

Take note of this rustic-urban fashionista, she’s getting ready to pounce on New York City and we’re following her every step of the way.

Share with us what your enormous dreams are? 

My dream is to become successful in pursuing my greatest hobby -  fashion - while living in my most beloved city, NYC. I plan to move to there in a year and a half to complete my Fashion Merchandising Management degree at Fashion Institute of Technology. After I graduate from college, I plan to continue living in the City and work in the fashion industry.

Just how small is your small town and how does this influence your shopping, personal style, and inspirations?
We just got our second traffic light a few years ago, if that tells you anything! Being in a small town has pushed me to look elsewhere for shopping and inspiration. Luckily, we live in the age of the Internet, where buying a new pair of boots, or checking out the latest designer collections is just a click away.  As for personal style, not many dress like me where I live, but that has never stopped me.
What fellow bloggers do you get inspiration from?
I enjoy eyeing through Swedish fashion blogs for inspiration. My personal favorite bloggers are Angelica Blick and Victoria Tornegren.
Who are your style icons?

Like most girls, I really admire Kate Bosworth, Florence Welch, Alexa Chung, and Mary-Kate Olsen.
What are your fave trends right now?

I really love that leather trousers and Peter Pan collars have made their way into everyday wear.

If you could only save one fashion item from a fire, what would it be?
Wow, that’s a tough one. However, if I could only save one piece, I’m pretty sure it would be my Mulberry Alexa.  It’s the most valuable piece in my wardrobe, and also very sentimental to me because I bought it in NYC on my eighteenth birthday. 

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I'm so thankful to have been given the wonderful opportunity of talking with the lovely people at Wantering. I hope you all enjoy the interview! Also, be sure to check out Wantering's incredible website for all the shopping you could possibly dream of!

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