Wednesday Wear

(Jacket: nowistyle, Button-Up: Urban Outfitters, T-Shirt: Gap, Jeans: J Brand, Heels: Forever 21, Clutch/iPad Case: Proenza Schouler for Target/Neiman Marcus, Aviators: Ray-Ban)

I really, really love my new jacket courtesy of nowistyle. It reminds me a lot of the shearling jackets from Acne, which I have been eyeing for sometime now, but considering the pricey cost, only from afar. I've been snuggled up in this great jacket all day to combat these quite chilly temperatures here in Alabama. I'm also super crazy about this really cool iPad case (or, in this case, clutch) by Proenza Schouler for Target and Neiman Marcus. Technically, it is an iPad case, but to be honest, I had no idea when I bought it. Personally, I think it works quite nicely as a clutch. Hurray for versatility! Haha. Hope you all have a wonderful night. 

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  1. thats cute how you used the ipad case as a clutch. :) ive been into clutches lately. theyre cute! the one you have is cute :)

  2. LOVE your jacket!! (:


  3. Very nice ! I like that jacket and the location :) great job!

    Cheers Tyler,

  4. awesome jacker :) I love your outfit!
    <3 cloe-anne

  5. Ahhh I love that clutch so much!! And your coat is super cute :)


  6. I love your style so much!!! And I think you're very beautiful & charming ))) Xx

  7. I honestly though that was an Acne jacket until I read your post.
    I must check this website out, I've found that Korean and Japanese fashion sites have great alternatives to more expensive brands/pieces.
    Versatility for the win!
    I haven't been to Target in a month or so, but I know what I am grabbing when I go, soon!

    Also, I LOVE your hair, I apologize if this has been discussed already but; is that your natural hair color? If not, how do you keep it so healthy? I'm thinking about bleaching a large portion of my hair, and I want it that white. Just 4 inches off the ends and it was hard enough to keep it from becoming dry and brittle.
    Any help would be appreciated!


  8. I like this outfit! :)


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