Grove Park Inn

Another really cool part about my trip to Asheville was the hotel where I stayed. Such a diverse array of so many incredibly influential people, from presidents to professional golfers to famous authors, have stayed in the Grove Park Inn. One former resident that specifically intrigued me was F. Scott Fitzgerald. During the summers of 1935 and 1936, while Zelda was in treatment in Asheville, Scott stayed in the Inn to be near her. I wasn't able to enter the rooms, but apparently, they are furnished exactly as they were when he stayed there. Being the admirer of the Roaring Twenties that I am, I couldn't help but become overwhelmed with emotion being able to walk the same grounds as the very icon who lived and defined the Jazz Age. I'm not going to deny the fact that, at one point, I lost all track of time just sitting in the leather chairs outside of the two suites he occupied, and imagining his walking in and out of those very doors. 
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  1. The pictures are gorgeous, and the hotel seems like the perfect place to stay. Fitzgerald is such an icon and just to stand where he stood would take my breath away.

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