Cafe Coco

(Jacket: Cichic, Shirt: Forever 21, Shorts: Vintage)

Just a little bit ago, I took a quick break from working on this post, then came back and realized it had magically posted itself, despite being far from finished. I quickly deleted it, but what I did happen to see was a jumbled up mess of miniature sized pictures with no description or title. So to any of you that may have seen it in its far-from-published-ready-state, my apologies. Don't worry I haven't lost my mind. Sadly, it seems I can't say the same for my computer.

Okay, about the photos... Recently, Mom and I ended up in Nashville during the early, early, early hours of morning (I'm talking 3:00 A.M.) after dropping off my aunt, uncle, and cousins at the airport. Instead of turning around and driving the two and a half hours straight home, we decided to wait it out and spend the day in Nashville. Luckily, we had the cozy little Cafe Coco, which is thankfully open 24/7, and many cups of their wonderful coffee to help us pass the time. One of the perks of stopping by at such an odd time is, besides the workers, there was basically no one in sight. Oh, wait, I take that back... One guy passed by with a guitar case in hand while Mom and I were sipping on our lattes, and after he left, the guy working the counter came and told us that it was Gavin Degraw. I guess they don't call it Music City for nothing, huh? Anyway, while we were there we snapped a few photos, and this is what came out.

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  1. Very cute and chic top and jacket. The drink looks sooo yummy :)

  2. Girl you are going places with your blog


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