Big Apple Adventures

(Photos from previous New York trips... Some fairly recent... Some very, very old)

I'm so, so happy to say that I'm FINALLY back in my beloved New York City, this time for Teen Vogue Fashion University. For years, I have flipped through my Teen Vogue issues seeing the TVFU announcements and only dreamed of one day being able to attend. Well, I can't believe it, but that dream has actually become a reality! I'm so incredibly excited and I can't wait to fill you all in on my adventures around the Big Apple. Stay tuned and have a lovely day! xoxo
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  1. I WANT TO GO THERE SO BAD :) I'm applying to teen vogue fashion university this year :) plz check out my new halloween post :)
    <3 chloe-anna

  2. Oh my god, that is so absolutely amazing. Like, TVFU! I hope you have/had an amazing time. That's such an amazing oppurtunity.


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