Fallen Leaves

(Blazer: my mom's, Blouse: J.Crew, Bow: J.Crew, Shorts: French Connection, Lace-Up Heels: Nine West, Bag: Mulberry, Watch: Fossil, Glasses: Warby Parker)

This outfit, which I wore for my full day of Teen Vogue Fashion University festivities, has become of my favorites because of how it came to be. Before going to New York this time, I tried to pack smart. I preplanned every outfit, rather than just throwing piles and piles of my favorite pieces into my suitcase to then figure everything out once I got there, which is my usual method, and, I have to say, not a very good one. I had not intended to wear any of this, but out of a night-before-the-big-day-panic, completely rerouted. Because I can't seem to stray too far from my ways, I just happened to throw in this shirt (that's actually my mom's) and, randomly, this silk scarf (which, now thinking back, was originally a belt) that I haven't worn, or even thought about, in years. I started with the black shorts and navy pinstripe blazer. I knew one thing, it was going to be a extremely long, fast-paced day, and I was up for anything except having to deal with fussy clothing. I thought these two pieces were very strong on the style spectrum, but also allowed me to get around NYC in a timely and efficient manner, which was key for the day. Like I said, I stole this shirt from my mom (she also ended up liking this outfit so much that it looks like I might just get to keep it - win!), which I decided to pair with the shorts and oversized blazer. At this point in the outfit, I was completely stumped. Everything seemed to be heading in a good direction, but not quite there yet. Stylist's block (did I just make that up?)... I'm here to say it is very much a real thing. Anyway, in the midst of my frustration, I had somewhat of a, um... fashion epiphany? Whatever it was, I was suddenly hit with the idea to tie the green silk scarf/belt around my neck like a massive bow-tie. And there, you go. After that, I loved the outfit so much more than any preconceived ideas of what I had originally intended to wear. To finish off the look, I threw on my patent leather oxford heels for some pizazz. Because patent=pazazz, always. I decided to go with a black shoe so that the entire outfit remained dark, allowing the green bow to really be the focal point. Also, it seems that red lipstick has become as much of a staple for me as wearing shoes, in general. Because this was a day spent sitting in seminars given by many of fashion's finest, I was determined to absorb all of the advice and information flowing. To help the cause, I wore my glasses to seem extremely knowledgable and intent on learning... or at least to convince myself that I was. I have to say, I spent the entire day enthusiastically jotting down every single piece of wisdom the speakers had to offer, so come to think of it, maybe the glasses did work. 

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  1. What a well planned outfit! You look very sharp and I love the creativity you used to turn the random belt in a bow. So perfect!

  2. you are too cute! love this. your glasses and red lippy suit you.



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