White as Snow

(Coat: Topshop, Dress: Think Closet, Vest: Thrifted, Bag: Lucky Brand, Boots: Target, Necklace: Antique, Watch: Fossil)

Two more incredible finds from my last trip to New York include this fluffy coat and floral corduroy dress. The coat really struck me because for 1, it's fluffy and warm, perfect for frigid winters, and 2, it's basically the exact same color as my hair... Which, in a way, is extremely odd (I often forget my hair is as white as it is), but also very cool.  The dress I picked up at an incredibly cute store in West Village called Think Closet. Every piece in the store was one-of-a-kind and vintage inspired. So when I ran across this adorable floral dress, I couldn't pass it up. I paired it with my denim vest to play up the vintage feel of the dress's fabric. As always, I couldn't finish an outfit without piling on some of my favorite pieces of jewelry. 

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  1. That white coat looks great with jewel toned purples!


  2. that coat is perfect and you look super adorable!

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  3. Beautiful hair, dress and coat. You have "beautiful" teeth and need to show them more. That smile is "priceless."


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