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Do you know what’s approaching? If you’re a teenage girl, I'm quite sure you are very well aware... It’s prom! During my days of high school, I went to my fair share of proms to know that, at this point, you’re either in one of two positions. Either, one, you are over the moon because you have scored the most beautiful, fairytale-esque prom dress of your dreams. Or, on the other, much more common side of things, you have, give or take, a month left until the big night, and you're still ceaselessly searching for that perfect dress... In other words, panicking. Well, search no more! Though, my prom days are long gone, searching for the dress was one of my favorite parts of the whole shebang... Well, apart from the dancing, of course. With that being said, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite dresses out there at the moment. Because I believe every girl should feel like Cinderella on her prom night. Now, your chariot awaits, my lady.
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  1. these dresses r so pretty!!!!!! I just got my grad dress :3
    <3 victorique


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