Coffee Break

(Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Vintage - Similar: here, here, or here / Sequin Kimono: Topshop - Similar: here or here / Sandals: Madewell / Chambray Button-Up: Aeropostale - Similar: here or here / Sunglasses: zeroUV / Gold Knuckle Ring: Infinitine / Gold Knuckle & Pinky Band: Infinitine / Gold Nail Bracelet: Infinitine / Necklace: Antique - Similar: here)

This sequin kimono has been a tricky piece in my wardrobe for sometime now. I instantly fell in love with it in the store, but when I brought it home and reality of how I was going to wear it hit (on a daily basis, that is), I was a bit stumped. Because I refuse to believe pieces should be specific to day or night, I decided to pair it with some (or a lot, rather) denim. The tried and true material really brought the glittery sequins down a notch, allowing the piece to be appropriate for casually sitting on the back porch and drinking a cup of coffee even while the sun was still ever present. I also really loved the pastel mix of the faded blue with the fleshy pink. Additionally, I paired the look with my great new pair of sunglasses from zeroUV and my new rings and bracelet from Infinitine. Hopefully, if you've been in a sequins rut, but desperately want to break free, as I did, this will give you a helping hand. 

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  1. I truly love this look! I have a sequin jacket in my closet that has been there forever because I have no idea how to make it more casual! This is great!

    All That Glitters

  2. Oh my god, I LOVE this look! Right on.

    - Sam


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