Hot Air Balloons

(Dress: Romwe / Kimono: Vintage - Similar: Here / Loafers: Asos)

Since moving to Auburn about a month ago, I've been so lucky to have met and become super close with the most incredible group of girls. We all have so much in common, that it's quite difficult to believe it has taken this long to cross each other's paths. Recently, we all woke up at the brink of dawn to attend a hot air balloon festival at sunrise. Granted, at the time, waking up that early on a Saturday morning was a bit grueling, but once we arrived, saw all the beautiful colors of the balloons, and had such a fun time it was worth every minute of lost sleep. There's no doubt in my mind the memories from this very unique morning with such wonderful friends will last forever.

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  1. Cute outfit, I love that kimono.
    Looks like an amazing day!

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  2. the dress is very lovely! and in combination with that kimono it looks kinda edgy

  3. I love the colors!! I have never seen a hot air balloon in real life and seeing your pictures makes me feel like I want to see one so bad


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