A Bag Full of Surprises

(Coat: Lucky Brand - Similar: here / Shirt: Andrea Diodati via The Deep End Club / Button Up: Rebecca Taylor - Similar: here / Velvet Pants: Free People - Similar: here / Boots: Marc Jacobs - Similar: here / Bag: Mulberry)

Whoever came up with the the old wise saying, "don't spend it all in one place," obviously had never stepped foot in a Mulberry store, or at least had never seen me step foot in a Mulberry store... My kryptonite. What can I say, I just couldn't resist. Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring what's actually in this bow adorned bag. Oh, the suspense! 

This was a day spent interviewing in the city, so I pulled out some of my favorite pieces (hey, first impressions matter, people). I never doubt this cheetah coat, as it always pulls through for me. The neutral color palette always grounds any brightness in an outfit, while still lending way for elements of texture and print. The shirt is a new acquisition I picked up while visiting The Deep End Club in East Village. The color is just incredible. Actually, come to think of it, it's so good that I'm now craving orange sherbet. Anybody? No? Hmm. Well, anyway, if you haven't already, definitely check out The Deep End Club, it's the absolute coolest. I paired the shirt and coat with a long white button up because firstly, the more layers the better (obviously), and secondly, it gave a nice clean break between the orange of the jacket and the deep green of the velvet pants. And finally, to finish the look off, I threw on a sweet pair of metallic boots I picked up while in New York. 

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  1. I adore this coat and the way you styled it for this look! can't wait to see what you picked up at mulberry!!!



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