(Jacket: Topshop - Similar: here / Dress: Behind the Glass - Similar: here / Boots: Madewell - Similar: here / Bag: Mulberry)

This look, which I wore for the final day of Teen Vogue Fashion U, is one of my favorites from my most recent trip to NYC. Obviously, it was a bit chillier then, which made it perfect for busting out some layers. This dress has quickly become a wardrobe go-to. It's incredibly transitional from day to night, spring to summer, summer to fall - you get the gist. Plus, the beauty of gingham is that it's quite bold (a win in my book), while still keeping to its timeless roots. Basically, I like it a lot. I paired the dress with a bubble gum pink faux fur jacket to add a splash of color to an otherwise black and white color combo. 

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  1. that jacket is so beautiful wow i wish it was still chilly so I could go out and buy one!

  2. beautiful combo.

  3. I just spent the past hour looking through your blog & I just way to say girl, you are my new favorite blogger! Your style is unique (even though it is just you putting clothing pieces together until they look good) and your ability to put these impeccable photos together is just beyond me. I am so very excited to see you and your blog and your future grow to be everything you wish for!
    As a fellow blogger, I hope we can become friends in the near or far future :') Have a nice night/day!

    xx, Vanessa


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