A New York Weekend

A trip to New York, even if only for a weekend, is always an automatic yes. So when Free People emailed saying that Ashley and I had won the #FPBFF Instagram contest, we were packing our bags in a heartbeat. The trip itself was incredible. I mean, honestly, what's better than spending a weekend dining, exploring, and vintage shopping in one of your favorite cities with one of your dearest friends? I've decided the answer is nothing. The theme of the weekend definitely carried far beyond a hashtag. The Free People dinner at Dimes in Chinatown was also so incredibly wonderful. It was a night spent meeting and chatting with some of the most inspiring people I have yet to meet. What a dream of an evening. Check out Free People's blog post of the event on their blog, Bldg 25
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1 comment

  1. looks like an incredible opportunity.... nyc and free people are two of the best things! a little jealous, though; i miss the city so much!



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