(Coat: Topshop - Similar: here, here, here, here, or here / Dress: Vintage - Similar: here, here, here, here, or here  / Boots: Vintage - Similar: here or here / Scarf: Vintage - Similar: here / Cuff: Vintage - Similar: here / Hair Color: Manic Panic / Lipstick: Maybelline

Earlier this year, Ashley and I, needing a relief from school and feeling like we both were sliding into a bit of a creative rut decided to get together and create something that was unlike anything either of us had done before. Our main hope was to go beyond the comfortable boundaries of the standard outfit shoot, that I, for one, have grown so used to. And these images are the result (along with an earlier photo series > here < and one coming soon, so stay tuned). 

We ended up at a very happening Checkers, dodging cars, and snapping away. We drew a bit of an audience and turned the heads of many curious faces, something that instantly makes me freeze up and want to crawl into a hole no matter the amount of photos I have taken throughout the years. But once that initial wall of uncomfortableness was broken, we were both having so much fun and flowing with ideas.

I guess all I want to say is push your boundaries, try new things, and please, please, please get out of your comfort zone more often than not (primarily speaking to myself here). I know they always say it, but man how it rings true, that you just might be surprised by the cool things you've been capable of creating or experiencing all this time, when you do. 

(Photos by the incredibly talented and cool Ashley Kickliter)

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  1. LOVE this shooting and this originality ! Amazing colors, place and pictures * *
    Sorry for my english I'am French ;)

    Sarah xx


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