Ruby Red Courdoroy

(Overalls: Target / Shirt: Lenni the Label - Similar: here / Jacket: Lenni the Label / Boots: Free People (on SALE) or here / Rings: Labradorite Magic / Bag: Vintage - Similar: here or here / Sunglasses: Vintage - Similar: here / Lips: Glossier in Jam

Here we have a prime example of the power in word of mouth... So my friends (I'm lookin' at you, Ashley and Kens) kept going on and on about this mysterious perfect pair of overalls from Target, and how they had quickly become one of the best pieces in both of their closets. That no matter when or where they wore them, they continually got stopped on the street to be asked about them. After hearing them rave and rave, and to ease my own budding case of fashion FOMO, I decided it was time I pick up a pair, and wow, were they right. The bell leg, the high neckline, the ruby red corduroy -- they really are, well, perfect. I was also so excited to finally get to wear these new rings from Labradorite Magic. The stones are so beautiful, and I now finally have some great silver pieces to play around with. 

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