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I became aware tonight that I have never posted on here, or even mentioned, my winning Teen Vogue Girl of the Day not too long ago. Funny story, I had no idea I had even been chosen. I was sitting around one day after school and received a text from a friend of mine that read, "Hey Hannah, I was just on the Teen Vogue app, and I saw you on there!" So, I got my phone out and looked on the app, and sure enough, there I was! It was so surreal, really... To see my face and the Teen Vogue logo on the same screen. I was kind of freaking out, to say the least. I grabbed Mom and showed her, which soon led into more jumping up and down. If it wouldn't have been for that text, most likely, I would be completely clueless still today. This was the first, I guess you could say, "big" thing for me, and for it to be under the Teen Vogue name was unbelievable. I kind of have (like most fashion industry seeking girls) this huge dream to one day work at Teen Vogue. I never really even expected to get anything, honestly. I submitted the photo mostly out of pure boredom. But hey, never assume anything, and always believe the impossible, right?! Hopefully there will be many more awesome experiences, such as this, to occur!

Click here to visit the link on the Teen Vogue Website: Best-Dressed Reader of the Day: Hannah Henderson
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  1. I can't begin to tell you how proud of you I am for this, Riles. You're constant push to prevail through your dreams, and your willingness to take all the initiation to work as hard as you do is an entire motivation for me. I can only hope to be half as successful as you will be. I'm sure your hardheadedness has nothing to do it. ;) Don't ever stop doing or being what you are, dear. I only hope I'll be there with you wherever you are to witness and share your success with you. And though, I'm kind of forced to read and look at your every blog post, whether you realize it or not, I really do enjoy taking time to look at every bit of it, watching you work on the post, and listening to you go on and on about it. ;) If I didn't know you at all, I'd still be keeping a regular check up just to see your distinct elegance and charm, not to mention your beauty. :) Congratulations, dear. :)


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