The Velveteen Leopard Flower

 (Leopard Jacket: Lucky Brand, Floral Shawl: Handmade, Blouse: Thrifted, Shorts: Asos, Boots: Topshop)

I have had such an amazing Thanksgiving break filled with lots of family, friends, and... FOOD! Probably the best one yet, I would say. I'm not quite ready for it to be over. But on the bright side, now we get to look forward to Christmas! I'm currently sitting here with my dog Matilda reminiscing on it all and listening to Florence + the Machine's "Ceremonials" on repeat, as well as, the raindrops tapping against the rooftop.

These shorts have become a go-to in my wardrobe. They are so comfortable, and seem to always provide a nice texture and sheen to any outfit. The floral shawl is definitely one of the most interesting pieces I own. Pictures don't do it justice. I ran upon this handmade beauty at a local restaurant. Random, I know. However, my favorite piece is my new cropped faux fur jacket from Lucky Brand. I have a similar one that is knee-length, but often, it is too heavy to wear on fairly nice days. This still allows me to wear faux fur (which is my favorite!) on days that aren't bitter cold.

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  1. lovely look! I love the floral shawl.

  2. Love your look babes :) I am a fashion blogger from india
    loads of love


    MIA O


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