Cliff Dweller

(Leather Jacket: Gap, Skirt: nowistyle, Blouse: Proenza Schouler, Lace Button Up Shirt: Eyedoll, Ankle Boots: Mossimo - Target)

I love my new black skater skirt that nowistyle kindly sent my way. It's such a versatile piece that can easily be dressed up or down, and worn a million different ways. This time, I decided to pair it with my new Proenza Schouler blouse that I lucked up and stumbled upon while shopping at UAL in New Orleans a few weeks ago. To battle the chill of this lingering winter weather (Not that I'm complaining, I much prefer a brisk, winter breeze over Southern heat and humidity any day.), I layered with this wine-colored, leather jacket that I found while browsing through my mom's closet a couple of days ago. Sorry, Mom, I doubt you'll be getting this piece back anytime soon! Also, as you can see, I recently chopped some of my hair off. Looking at the pictures, it doesn't really look like as much of a difference as it does in person. My hair has been the same for quite some time now, and I felt it was time for a slight change of pace... And let's face it, I was long overdue for a nice trimming, anyway. 

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  1. I really like your hair at this length and the color. The outfit is so amazing, the polka dots are super cute, the shoes are fab, and I really like the top :)

  2. Black skater skirts go with everything!! I love how you styled yours. (: Gorgeous background setting.


  3. I love the jacket! Leather with one of my favorite colors to wear! I always love your pieces and enjoy seeing how you put your outfits together :)

  4. The blouse was such an amazing find! Lucky youuu. Gorgeous background for an ootd shoot :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  5. just discovered your blog. it is awesome.:)
    your 90s hair fits your style perfectly - what a great outfit
    (blouse = love!)

  6. So beautiful! I love your hair alot, I've been wanting to bleach mine like that for a long time. I've followed you aswell!

  7. love your hair, suits you so much!
    and the colour of this jacket is just perfect, best way for adding some colour to your wardrobe! x

  8. Great look! Wow and the view : )) Lovely pics!

    Lot's of love


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