Cotton Candy - Nashville Styling Job

Photography: Brenna Gentry
Hair & Makeup: Lisa Johnson
Jewelry: Elizabeth Cooke

About a month ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of working as the stylist on this really cool, cotton candy-inspired shoot in Nashville. As you can see, there was some major talent involved. From the modeling by the ever so beautiful Nila, to the flawless and fun hair and makeup by Lisa, to the superb photography by Brenna, and the absolutely stunning, hand-crafted jewelry by Elizabeth, I was really just honored to be a part of the mix and see these great talents at work. I'm so happy to be sharing this project with you all and I'm really excited to see what you all think. 
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  1. That is such a gorgeous shoot. It's so cool that you got the opportunity to style something like that. The outfits are all beautiful; they all really follow the cotton candy theme. I absolutely adore that pink vest and the jewelry. The model is stunning, and her makeup is perfection.

  2. Gorgeous work!! (: What a great opportunity!!!!


  3. wow. this is amazing. :o such an amazing opportunity you were given :) I love what the model is wearing.

  4. Lovely job of styling!
    These a things I would definitely wear if I could. It reminds me of a marie antionette/ ice angel/ cotton candy mix.

    x g.


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