A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

I recently had the incredibly fun time of attending a Great Gatsby themed party with two of my best friends, Anna and Avery. Before the glitz filled shindig, we stopped by The Spot, our local coffee shop, to fuel up on some caffeine in preparation of dancing the night away. The Jazz Age has always been my dream era, so anytime I'm granted the chance of getting dolled up in my finest flapper gear, I love to truly picture myself in the midst of the glamour and excitement that defined the Twenties, and what it must have been like to live in such an enchanting time. 
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  1. Love it. I love me some 1920's glitz and glam. =)


  2. Love it so much! The twenties are the best! Check out my blog upstartandbleedingheart.blogspot.com.

  3. These pictures are so beautiful! And so is your outfit!<3

  4. this is such a amazing post!!!!! I love 20's fashion :D i want to see the great gatsby sooooo bad :) want to follow eachother? let me know :) it would mean so much to me if you followed me :) plz check out my back 2 school haul post :)
    <3 chloe-anna

  5. I adore your blog. I live near where you went to high school I think? I saw you in a fast-food place once but was too terrified to say hello. I started following your Instagram before your blog. I adore it though. I just wanted to say hello since I didn't the last time. Im just shy haha I love your blog you are so pretty!

  6. This one tops them allllllllll. Absolutely gorgeous outfit and a BEAUTIFUL young lady having the time of her life. You fit the occasion for them all Hannah!! So proud you're having fun and getting to do what you want to. GREAT POST!


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