Bubble Gum Pink

(Coat: Topshop - Similar: here / Dress: Asos - Similar: here / Boots: Zara - Similar: here / Watch: Fossil / Red Beaded Bracelet: Perch Jewelry Studio / Similar Tights: here)

Here's a story of girl really loves bubble gum pink coat... but let's it slip away into the land of "out of stock," never to be seen again... That is, until the wonderful world of eBay steps in to save the day. Really far back in the timeline of my blog, you will find a post of my debating over which color to buy of this coat. Well, as it would turn out, while I was trying to make the decision, both of the colors sold out. *cue tears* Recently, I was searching on eBay and ran up on it. YES! I suppose some things are just meant to be. I styled it with a pale pink dress, navy scarf, black tights, and my favorite leopard ankle boots. 

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  1. love this entire outfit!


  2. Such a cool coat!!!!! It looks great with this scarf and the cool boots x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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