A New York Summer

I realize this post is a bit expansive, but there is no way to skimp on photos from this summer and truly capture its essence: overwhelming and extraordinary. From landing the internship I've been dreaming of since I was twelve years old, to living in my most beloved city, to entering my twenty-first year of life, it was in all ways incredible. 

Interning in the accessories closet at ELLE was beyond anything I could have ever hoped. For so many years, I have looked to and been inspired by ELLE, and getting the chance to be a part of the magazine was an absolute dream come true. It was so incredibly fascinating observing as issues come together and better grasping the amount of hard work that goes into every aspect of the magazine. Having the opportunity to see pieces first hand from Prada, to The Row, to David Webb, and countless others, was a rare and special treat. Throughout my internship, I learned so much about designers, their pieces, and even developed a better understanding of my own taste. Truly, I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to walk through those revolving doors everyday at Hearst Tower and call the 24th floor my home away from home for the summer.

Getting to live in New York City, if only for a summer this time, was another dream turned reality. Having family and friends visit me throughout my stay and experience the enchanting city with me only made it that much more magical. I remember, as though it was yesterday, visiting the city for the first time when I was in seventh grade and knowing, someday I will call this place home. New York has a way of capturing you, heart and soul, and so it did then and continues to do so now.

As the summer has wrapped up, I continue to reflect on everything I experienced and learned and the people I met, and I'm so very thankful. This summer has given me moments and memories I will cherish for life. 
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  1. Hey Dear, all the images are so cool, you are looking stunning, the views that you have captured in your lens are marvelous. Keep it up dear... hope You enjoy many more holidays like this.. :)
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  2. Wonderful pictures and outfits! Everything looks wonderful. xx



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