East Village Stoop

(Jacket: Vintage / Shirt: J. Crew / Jeans: Vintage - Similar: here or here  / Bag: Mulberry / Sunglasses: See Eyewear - Similar: here / Boots: Madewell - Similar: here)

A mixture of the highly structured and the relaxingly distressed is how I would sum up this look. These were taken mid East Village stroll as Ashley and I hunted for the best vintage stores in the city. And while I'm here, can we all take a moment of silence to marvel in the masterpiece that are Ashley's plaid pants. True beauties. 

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  1. La veste est un bon choix judicieux , la tenue le style <3 et le plaid pantalon vert tartan est la plus belle pièce de vêtement, que j'ai vu de l'année !
    Sarah xxxx

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  3. The East Village of Manhattan is a magical place. Next time when you will be there you should definitely visit the Little Ukraine neighborhood. I promise, you will not be disappointed. As about photos, they are great indeed. When beautiful women with good taste of style are modeling in front of old building what could be wrong. Your tunic is just outstanding, as for Ashley’s pants – they are superb. I can only guess about your need in good papers but if you need it, rating of Essaytigers can help with it a lot.


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