Perch Jewelry Studio Lookbook: One

(Jewelry Design: Barbara Birdsong of Perch Jewelry Studio / Photography: Ashley Kickliter / Models: Hannah Birdsong, Capi Jenkins, Emily Jordan, & Hannah Henderson / Styling: Hannah Henderson)

Rarely do you run up on an individual who inspires you as deeply and as refreshingly as does Barbara Birdsong, the creator and designer of Perch, a jewelry studio in Auburn, Alabama. Very soon after having moved to Auburn two years ago, I was lucky enough to strike up a friendship with Barbara, which then turned into a number of collaborations, one of them being this lookbook. Each piece, which she makes by hand, is truly one of a kind and customizable, which I find to be very special in this mass produced world in which we live. But even beyond that, the metals, stones, and overall designs of her pieces so perfectly blend into the selection of jewelry I already wear on a daily basis. Just as a well worn in pair of jeans so effortlessly lives and moves with you, so does her jewelry. 
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  1. This lookbook is stunning-- her jewelry AND your styling! I love it!

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